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What if one day the closest people to you become complete strangers?

This is a Visual Novel made as an academic final project and I wanted to experiment with Ren'Py a bit. It tackles the Capgras delusion/ syndrome that many people overlook or haven't heard of. I hope this will help remove any stereotypes or negative stigma associated with said mental condition.  

Install instructions


-Extract files

-Open Application (.exe) file


StrangersintheHouse-1.0-pc.zip 40 MB


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Really enjoyed it, was really interesting to learn of the Capgras syndrome, spent some time reading about it afterwards. Thanks and I did a video of it, hope you don't mind

Hey there, thank you for the review! Watched your video and loved the comments you made at certain scenes ;)  I'm happy to see that you enjoyed SITH and learned more on Capgras delusion after playing!